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Prime time for scaring yourself silly on purpose passed a few weeks ago with Halloween, but this video of a typhoon in Taiwan completely engulfing a 75-foot lighthouse is the stuff of nightmares and we cannot stop watching. The Earth Uncut TV footage, which was shared on Popular Mechanics, honestly looks like an underwater nuclear bomb exploded, only human experimentation isn’t to blame for this unbelievable scene. Instead, it’s the wrath of a pissed off Mother Nature aka the scariest sight ever.

The video shows the astounding force of Typhoon Megi, which struck the coast of China in September. Four deaths were reported, along with several other casualties caused by landslides associated with the storm, which prompted the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents.


Our minds were completely blown after discovering how the deep the ocean really is and we were legitimately creeped out by these recordings from the Mariana Trench, but this video gives us an entire new respect (and fear of) the ocean.