Kenya Foy
January 05, 2017 9:38 am

Today, we got off to a most ambitious start by scaling the side of a mountain and looking out upon the glorious views in awe. OK, we kid, we kid. What actually happened was we watched footage of a drone flying up a mountain ridge and merely imagined how it must feel to view the world from way up there.

To reduce our odds of getting lost on a mountain and rescued by a cat, we prefer to keep our feet on lower altitude and observe these views from a safe distance because the entire point of these amazing drone cameras on the market is to capture footage from otherwise inaccessible cracks, crevices and mountainsides that our inner ‘fraidy cats ban us from visiting.

So, the gracious Gab707 family shared this awesome footage on YouTube and we can’t even begin to describe its beauty. It basically feels like you’re watching a professional caliber movie about a gorgeous No Man’s Land. The snow-peaked mountaintops of Hübschhorn East Ridge and Simplon Pass in Switzerland are the stars of this film and they’re total scene-stealers.

At one point, we’re treated to a 360-degree view of the peaks and the valley below, which is dizzying but also extremely beautiful:

The full video is just over 90 seconds and it might inspire you to pack your bags and hop on the next thing smokin’ to the Swiss Alps.

Simply incredible. Anyone wanna take us to see these stunning slopes in person, like, in an actual aircraft?