Listen up, Anglophiles, because we have some amazing news — a flight from New York to London in only three hours might be in our near future. Boom, a Denver-based aerospace start-up, plans to have a high-speed supersonic plane ready to take to the skies by 2023 — and it’ll get passengers across the pond in just three hours and fifteen minutes. This cuts travel time in half (for the reasonable fee of $5,000 per ticket, but we’ll worry about that later).

If all goes according to plan (including finding the aforementioned $5,000), it looks like we’ll spend more time going through security and customs than we will above the clouds, struggling to find a comfortable position to nap as we repeatedly check our watches and ask ourselves “are we there yet?”

Credit: Pexels

Boom isn’t the only company looking to revolutionize air travel through high-speed flights — supersonic jets are in development at Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and startups like Aerion and Spike have followed Boom’s lead as they aim to build high-speed business jets.

Credit: Pexels

Safety test flights are scheduled to begin in late 2017 — and, while we wait for the three-hour flights to become a reality, we’ll have time to focus on how we’ll finance our high-speed travel to London. Where there’s a will, there’s a way — and getting to London in three hours is the stuff of Anglophiles’ dreams.