Rachel Paige
Updated Aug 02, 2016 @ 12:29 pm
Inside Tokyo Disneyland and Interview with Oriental Land Executive Officer Akiyoshi Yokota
Credit: Bloomberg/Getty Images

If you stop to really look around a Disney park, you’ll see that everything, colored, illuminated, and full of life. Now stop for a second to think about what it would look like if it was just, well, dark and silent.

Monday afternoon, a huge storm rolled through Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland Sea. While weather usually isn’t an issue at ant Disney park — because they have a plan for everything, including bad weather — a powerful lightning bolt managed to knock out ALL the power for EVERYTHING in the park. Lights, rides, sound, fountains, attractions, everything. Everything just…stopped.

A few backup generators kicked in, to provide some power. But not a whole lot. Guest were left stranded mid-ride, stuck in queue lines, huddled into shops and restaurants to avoid the bad weather, and there was little to no lighting OR background noise. false false


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This might look like a walkway, but it’s actually the Splash Mountain track, WITHOUT THE WATER.


A few hours later, power was completely restored to the park, and the magic returned to normal levels — don’t worry, the parade and fireworks still happened that night. So all’s well that ends well! Things just got seriously ~spooky~ for a while.