Rachel Paige
September 21, 2016 12:19 pm

At the end of this year, Tower of Terror at Disneyland is taking one last drop, and then it’s going off to the great Disneyland attraction graveyard in the sky. Yes, it’s very sad. Yes, this stings. No, we’re still not completely okay with this.

The ride isn’t necessarily going away forever. Instead, it’s getting a makeover, and will open up ~sometime~ in 2017 as a brand new Guardians of the Galaxy Ride, Mission: Breakout. The ride will still be pretty much the same, with the up-and-drop thrills, but it’ll no longer be about the Twilight Zone and hotels and ghosts; instead, it will be about Chris Pratt.

The ride will officially close down on January 2nd, so you’ve still got some time to make it to the park and check it out. But just know, if you go right now, Tower of Terror is going to look a little bit different.

Disneyland has already removed the giant Hollywood Tower Hotel sign and now, this is just…a building.

Hello, Disneyland? We are NOT OKAY WITH THIS.

Currently, Disneyland is doing something they’re calling a “late check-out” at Tower of Terror, where after dusk you can ride the ride in complete darkness, and it’s extra scary. But looking at this building without the Tower of Terror sign is also extra scary, because it truly means that the ride is really closing, and this nightmare is coming true.

According to the timestamps on Instagram, it looks like the sign came down overnight on the 19th. Here we’ve got one last beautiful look at it that night: 

And then again on the 20th:

Disney probably just wants to get a jump start on the exterior remodel of the ride, so the new version can open up around May 2017 (you know, when Guardians Vol. 2 opens in theaters).

This is just a lot to process right now. RIP, Tower of Terror sign. Gone, but not forgotten.