Rachel Paige
Updated Mar 17, 2017 @ 5:14 pm

Usually a trip to the Disney Parks means you’re going to make a b-line to the nearest place selling those delightful Mickey ears. But maybe, not for much longer. We still can’t get over the delightful enchanted rose sipper that Disneyland rolled out for Beauty and the Beast a few weeks ago. And now, it looks like we’ve got to head back to the park to get our hands on the latest Pirates of the Caribbean stein.

Whoever thought Disneyland would be our favorite place to snag cool cups?

Pirates of the Caribbean is celebrating 50 years of high seas adventures (the ride, not the movie), and Disneyland has given New Orleans Square a pirates makeover. You’ll find brand new offerings, entertainment, and food in the area, along with this glorious pirates mug. You can totally see Captain Jack going to great lengths to get one of these, because we want one of these SO BAD.

Yes, it’s just a stein for your water, Diet Coke, or pineapple dole whip float (note: You can not actually get this with a dole whip float, but by all means, put your dole whip float into this stein.) But honestly, it’s one of the coolest cups we’ve ever seen Disneyland release. Do you not see the pirate skeleton on the top?? It’s supposed to be the same skeleton you see in the ride, the one pirating the ghost ship.

The whole stein is actually a homage to the attraction. Along the sides you can see etchings from different parts of Pirates of the Caribbean.

You can snag one of these mugs for yourself for $12.99 (supposedly, it comes with the Jolly Roger punch — tropical juices with hints of pineapple, orange, and mango, yum) but you have to ACT FAST. These mugs aren’t going to last forever, and on the first day they dropped into the parks, they immediately sold out. Naturally. Disney plans to restock, so start making you way towards the Caribbean.