Credit: abear-andabow/Flickr

No one wants to trek all the way to Disneyland only to then have to stand in line for 45+ minutes for Space Mountain. That’s why it’s so great that Disney has their FASTPASS system that basically let’s you make a reservation to ride a ride. It’s pretty cool and can save a lot of time, which is absolutely magical.

But, in the true spirit of Disney — the one that is constantly evolving, changing, and trying to make things better — Disneyland is about to drastically switch up their FASTPASS system and this is BIG.

A few years ago, Disney World switched up their FASTPASS system, so that you cannot obtain a FASTPASS ticket at the ride, and instead, have to reserve it in advance (whether way in advance, or day-of). It’s actually really convenient for planning out your day.

Now, Disneyland is following in Disney World’s footsteps. The Disney Parks Blog has just announced that, first up, Disneyland is adding two brand new FASTPASS attractions: Disneyland’s Matterhorn, and California Adventure’s Toy Story Midway Mania.

On top of that, you’ll also be able to reserve FASTPASSES ahead of time once you’re in the park. Hooray for that…but it’ll cost you.

Yup. Disney has never, ever charged for FASTPASS before, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

This new FASTPASS system, Disney MaxPass, is kind of a two-for-one deal available via the Disneyland App: You’ll be able to download, and save, all your PhotoPass pictures throughout the day, AND, you can use it to book FASTPASS once you’re inside the park (aka, no more running from ride-to-ride to collect as many as you can).

However, according to Disney Parks Blog, the MaxPass will cost you $10 a day to use.

BEFORE YOU START FREAKING OUT, you can still snag a *free* FASTPASS at the attractions in the park, and it’ll still be first-come, first-served as to return time. But, being able to book FASTPASSES in advance does sound like a pretty good idea…

Though not spelled out in the Disney Parks Blog post, but this will be a per-person thing. So, if you’re going to the park with your family of five, or your five best friends, you’ll ALL need to have the MaxPass to reserve the same time to ride Space Mountain.

Disney MaxPass is expected to launch sometime in 2017, where you can purchase it for the day, your length-of-stay at the parks, or if you’re an annual passholder, for the year. While it is certainly shocking to think about paying to secure a time to ride a ride, it also sounds hella convenient. We’re kinda excited to try out this new system, even though it might cost us a few extra Disney dollars.