Total blast from the past, Disney might be building another skyway system to transport you from park to park

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Move over walking, buses, boats, and monorails, because Disney World might be getting ready to embark on their next great transportation adventure: gondolas in-the-sky.

The Disney Parks are constantly looking for new ways to improve, along with simply improving how guests visit and experience the parks. If you’ve ever visited Disney World (especially at a busy time) you know first hand that it can sometimes be a #struggle moving from one park to the next — and can take upwards of hours depending on where you’re going. Hoping to improve this flow of guests, Disney has just filed some plans with Florida that have us wondering if they’re looking to take to the sky when it comes to getting from place to place.

According to The Orlando Sentinel, these new plans “are vague, but they do show buildings – including one with a V shape – with floors that are elevated 100 feet. The details are leading some to conclude the project could be paving the way for a gondola lift linking some of the theme parks and other areas.”

Now breaking that down: Elevated cable-car like gondolas.

WDW News Today, who actually saw the plans firsthand, noted that these points of construction are situated around Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and the nearby resorts (The Epcot area resorts, along with Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and Art of Animation). This makes sense. Right now traveling between these areas is a #STRUGGLE, even though there are buses, boats, and a (very long) walking path to get from one to the other. A gondola system would ease the flow of guests a lot — and also arrive just in time for  the surplus of guest visiting Star Wars Land, hmmm?

Disney has actually used gondola systems before, but never between parks. Once upon a time, Disney World actually had a Skyway that connected you from Fantasyland (the station is now where the Tangled bathrooms are located) and Tomorrowland (right next to Space Mountain).

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However, due to a variety of reasons (weather, wheelchair accessibility, the fact that it moved so slow, the fact that the gondolas were just OPEN to the outside world, weren’t really pretty to look at, etc. etc.), the Skyway closed in 1999 and everything for it was removed. This new idea sounds exactly like this one from yesteryear, but obviously updated for 2017, technology (and safety!) wise.

While this is cool to think about, right now it’s just a very good rumor. Disney isn’t confirming, or denying, that this is on the docket for them, but you never know. In the future if you want to visit Star Wars land you might actually get to *fly* there.

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