Rachel Paige
Updated September 11, 2017 1:15 pm

Hurricane Irma rolled into Disney World last Sunday night, and thankfully it rolled out leaving minimal damage behind in its wake. Everything could have been way worse at the theme park in Orlando, Florida had Disney World not prepared for the coming storm. Not only were the parks closed down (and as of right now, remain closed), but Disney took every step to ensure guests were safe — and also that the parks and resorts themselves were safe.

In preparing for the storm, Disney started doing some out-of-the-ordinary things. Not so much out-of-the-ordinary when it comes to getting ready for a hurricane, but out-of-the-ordinary in the sense that you don’t normally see these things happening in the park. Like, do you ever see cast members tying down park benches and trashcans so they don’t blow away in the wind? No. Because that’s not a normal thing that happens.

But when a hurricane comes to Main Street U.S.A., presentable Disney “show” goes right out the window as safety takes precedent. Guests visiting the parks and resorts on Friday and Saturday snapped some pictures of Disney bracing for Irma. And no, these are not things you see every day.

Bags and plastic wrapping were placed over lights in the park, in case the glass shattered.

The turnstiles, ahem, touch points were plastic-wrapped to keep them from getting absolutely soaked.

Trashcans were filled with not trash, but water, to keep them from blowing away during gusts of wind. Some were tied to the buildings.


Powerline trucks were parked at Epcot, in ancipatoon of downed lines during the storm.

The gates at Epcot were straight up closed.

The monorails, and the monorail tug, were parked inside the Contemporary Resort.

The Grand Floridian car was moved into storage.

Hanging lights were also tied down and secured.


All facades, tarps, scrims, and banners were removed from construction sites and buildings.


Picnic tables were turned upside down.

There were piles and piles of sandbags throughout property – something you’d never see on a regular day.


If you’re looking to see everything in action, WDW News Today has a great video:

Thankfully, the storm passed and there was no major damage anywhere across property. It clearly pays to be prepared.