Florida is known as the ☀️Sunshine State☀️, but it actually rains there basically every single day of the year. Because, #weather. This is a known fact, and Disney World — situated right in the center of Florida — is prepared to deal with whatever kind of storm might roll through. But sometimes, the clouds approach so fast, and so forcefully, that there’s literally TOO much rain to deal with.

Yesterday, this scenario happened. While the day started off bright and sunny, not one but TWO powerful storms hit Disney World one right after the other, and dropped a whole bunch of rain on the Magic Kingdom. The clouds actually dropped so much rain, that the water couldn’t drain out of the walkways fast enough, and the park actually began to flood. This isn’t a sight you see every day.

Outdoor attractions were closed because of the storm, and guests in the park immediately took shelter indoors (good job, guests!). With nothing left to do but try and wait out the stormy weather, obviously everyone pulled out their phones and started taking pictures of the rising water levels. Seriously, is Magic Kingdom under the sea right now?

What started off as a few lil’ puddles…

…quickly turned into HUGE PUDDLES that guests were literally wading through.

Even after the rain stopped, everything was still very wet.

And the rain rain rain came down down down…☔️


Even though the rain might not be everyone’s friend for a magical day at MK, it sure does look pretty semi-soaked.