Rachel Paige
August 08, 2016 3:11 pm

Earlier this year, we were heartbroken to learn that there had been an alligator attack at Walt Disney World. A two-year-old boy, Lane Graves, was by the water with his family when an alligator dragged him and pulled him into the water. Lane was later found dead, having suffered injuries during the attack, and since then Disney has taken lots of steps to prevent something like this from ever happening again.

Following the attack, they placed warning signs along all bodies of water on Walt Disney World property, advising guests to stay away and not wade in no matter what. Still wanting to do more to keep visiting guests safe, Disney has decided to build a fence all along the waterfront, to keep guests from going in — and hopefully keep alligators (among other animals) from crawling out.

Originally, Disney quickly put up ropes and nets to keep guests from getting down into the water. Now, they’re making that permeant, and adding roughly four to five feet of just rocks that will make it impossible — and also, ridiculously unsafe — for guests to climb down to the water’s edge.

According to new reports right out of Orlando, Disney is in the process of building a “bolder wall” around the entire perimeter of the Seven Seas Lagoon — the lagoon in front of Magic Kingdom, and the Magic Kingdom hotels, like the Grand Floridian, Polynesia Resort, the Contemporary Resort, and also Wilderness Lodge.

While it’ll be sad to see the iconic landscape of the Magic Kingdom hotels change, and you’ll no longer be able to get close to the water at all, we’re happy that Disney is taking a big step to make everything safer for everyone. Accidents can still happen anywhere, and at any time, but at least the necessary steps are being taken to prevent another tragic outcome.