Rachel Paige
December 22, 2016 12:54 pm

Disney is constantly changing things, and adding things, and re-doing things when it comes to their theme parks, so hearing that Disney has taken something away from the Magic Kingdom shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. It happens. But it’s what they decided to remove that has us scratching our heads and seriously questioning, “…what?”

Don’t worry — Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is still hanging around, you can still snag corn dog nuggets at Casey’s Corner, and the princesses are not vacating the park. Instead, Disney had decided to get rid of all their large drink cups. You can no longer order a large drink anywhere in Magic Kingdom. It’s not the most outlandish change Disney has ever made to the park but, uh, why?

What did the large cups ever do to YOU, Magic Kingdom??

As our friends over at WDW News Today have pointed out, Magic Kingdom recently removed all large drinks from their quick-service (aka counter service) menus. You can still order a regular sized drink (which is medium sized) but those looking to chug upwards of 32 oz. you are out of luck. You’re just going to have to drink multiple regular sized drinks instead, and/or constantly make your way towards one of the park’s water fountains.


Right now, no one is exactly sure why this decision has been made — especially during the busiest time of the year at Disney World when buying a large drink sounds like the *best* option so multiple family members can split it, and then you’ve got a large drink and don’t need to wait in line *again* to get a second beverage. As WDW News Today waxes, maybe Disney is trying to get everyone to buy a fancy souvenir cup instead (which tend to run on the larger side as it is).

Or maybe, removing the large cup is in hopes of making ordering easier, so now no one has to figure out what size they want to drink ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. IDK. It’s SUCH a weird thing to do away with, considering that maybe some guests WANT to drink a large drink. But not anymore.

And just so you know, the three other parks — EPCOT, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom — all have self-serve beverage machines so they don’t really need to sell large cups, because you can get all the refills you want. This change doesn’t affect them; just Magic Kingdom.

Guess you do you, Magic Kingdom. And hope this doesn’t turn into #LargeDrinkGate2016.