Credit: Lou Oms/Getty Images

When the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World opened in 1971, it included an attraction called The Hall of Presidents. the 23-minute long show, for the last 45 years, has highlighted our past American presidents, from Washington to Lincoln and the current sitting president, Obama. Now with the news that Donald Trump will take over the highest office in America, that means Trump is going into the Hall of Presidents, and people are feeling lots of FEELS about it.

Though Trump won’t take office until January, Disney is actually already hard at work brining an audio-animatronic Trump to life. In a phone call with shareholders yesterday Disney CEO, Bob Iger, dropped some very unmagical news: Disney actually already has a Trump robot ready to go.

From Variety, when asked about the recent election, and Trump’s meeting with President Obama, Iger commented:

“Smooth transitions are good. I will say on the smooth transitions front: we are going through a smooth transition as well. We have already prepared a bust of President-elect Trump to go into our Hall of the Presidents at Disney World.”

While this sounds all sorts of crazy — like Disney just HAS a Trump robot lying around?? — it makes sense. Disney more than likely already has a Hillary Clinton robot, too. These audio-animatronics take a LONG time to build, and then they must mold and sculpt to take on the likeness of our future president. So of course Disney Imagineers have probably been working on the builds for both candidates for some time.

The Hall of Presidents is set to close in early January, and re-open later Summer 2017 with our brand new president inside.