Credit: Disney/Getty Images

If you live in the state of Florida, great news! Disney just released some heavily discounted tickets that you can snag for the late spring/early summer months. For the rest of us around the country (and the world), there’s something here for us too: Disney may have accidentally just spilled when Avatar Land is going to open up to the public.

Around this time of year — that is, the post-holidays pre-Summer season — Disney starts rolling out tickets to entice guests to visit the parks (lol, like we don’t want to always visit all the time). They offer tickets for Florida residents that are hella cheap, so seriously, buy some if you live in Florida. The only draw back is that these tickets come with a few black-out dates for the parks, during times Disney is anticipating heavy crowds.

The one and only block-out date for these new tickets? May 27th – June 9th, 2017. And the block-out is ONLY at Animal Kingdom.


As our friends over at WDW News Today point out, there’s literally no other reason for there to be a block-out during this time unless Disney is getting ready to open up something BIG. This also happens to Memorial Day Weekend, so already there are going to be big crowds at Disney, and Disney usually likes to open up brand new things around holiday times (aka, times when kids are not in school so they can to go Disney World).

Disney has not confirmed, nor denied, that this is the opening weekend of Avatar Land, but if you’re looking to get your Na’vi on ASAP, go ahead and clear your schedule for this weekend. It’s time to go visit Pandora.