Rachel Charlene Lewis
Updated Feb 11, 2017 @ 8:17 pm
Credit: Pexels

If you’re in need of cheap spring break ideas, you’re in luck, because these super cheap holiday destinations are making our dreams of a spring break straight out of a movie seem much closer to reality. And you deserve a super relaxing vacation that’s not going to be so expensive that you’ll stress out the entire time, effectively ruining the vacation. We’ve got you covered (and us, too, because there’s no way we’re missing these deals)!

According to our friends at Business Insider, the airport transfer website Hoppa has released its annual report on some of the most affordable vacations, like, YES. Isn’t that the handiest thing basically ever? Cheap spring break ideas, here we come! The list is based on the average cost of a one night stay per person including splitting the cost of a hotel room, a meal for two, a shared taxi, and a couple of beverages, too.

5Antalya, Turkey ($54.88)

4Bucharest, Romania ($54.75)

3Cartagena, Colombia ($49.55)

2Cairo, Egypt ($48.79)

1Sofia, Bulgaria ($47.69)


BRB, we’ve got to go shopping for some ~super chic~ luggage to take on our spring break vacations. You know we travel in style! And considering all the money we’re about to save on these cinematic trips, we can afford it. Ah, to travel without freaking out about how much money we’re spending.

We literally never thought this day would come, but, TG! After the mess that was 2016, we for sure deserve to treat ourselves with a glorious spring break trip, right? We think yes!