What is #Calexit and is it a real thing?

During this transitional time in our country, the hashtag #Calexit is catching ears and maybe even legitimately catching on. In the wake of Tuesday evening’s election news, some Californians are suggesting they take their state and go — a Brexit-type action for California itself. The threat of seceding from the United States seemed like a fairly lighthearted matter until this week when Californians took the idea of exiting a little more seriously.

“Together we are the next bear-flaggers, the founders of the new independent Republic of California.” — Yes California Independence Campaign website

Calexit (would make a great ’90s-era boy band name, we know) has a professionally maintained website, and has gone from a sarcastic and silly suggestion by a few Cali residents on Twitter to an idea that’s gaining some real momentum. Could California become it’s own nation and finally give the US another border-sharing neighbor (hi Canada!)? Check out some of the responses on social media.

Realistic or just a daydream?

It’s an interesting proposal, for sure. Other than experiencing a severe drought that at one time required bottled water to be bussed in from outside the state, California is pretty self-sufficient, experiencing multiple climates and spanning approximately 840 miles long. If this is really the end between us and them, America would only have one Disney park (gasp!) and our avocados would officially be considered an imported crop. On the other hand, how exotic would it feel to travel “internationally” to San Fran, or officially live in a different country than the Kardashians? To gauge how serious Calexit really is, talk to your Cali friends. If they’re busy drawing up possible flag designs, maybe it’s more real than we think.