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Credit: Getty Images / Oscar Wong

We all deserve a getaway come 2018. To put it lightly (read: extremely lightly), this year has been a rollercoaster, and we think everyone needs a little rest and relaxation post-2017. If you’re planning to book a trip within the new year, we recommend you check out Travel & Leisure‘s 50 best places to travel in 2018.

A lot goes into Travel & Leisure’s annual “best places” list. They survey writers around the world, talk to A-list travel specialists, and take new hotels and restaurants into consideration. The publication encourages readers to give their input using the hashtag #TLBestPlaces on social media.

Whether you’re looking to stay stateside or if you’re trying to get out of here ASAP, there’s a destination on T&L’s Best Places to Travel in 2018 list for you. To help you get a feel for what each destination has to offer, we’ve paired each place with an Instagram photo posted by someone who was able to live the travel dream in 2017.

You can head over to to get more info on each location listed below. Now pack your bags and book your flights: It’s time to get your 2018 travel on.

1Southern Province, Sri Lanka

2Washington, DC

3Big Sur, CA

4São Paulo, Brazil

5Bayreuth, Germany

6Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

7Iguazu Falls, Argentina

8Copenhagen, Denmark

9Luang Prabang, Laos


11Pyeongchang, South Korea

12Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

13Bangkok, Thailand

14Marrakech, Morocco

15The Bahamas

16New Orleans, LA




20Finnish Archipelago


22Šolta, Croatia


24Salina Island, Sicily

25Valletta, Malta

26Cabo, Mexico

27Colombia’s Pacific Coast

28Tel Aviv, Israel

29Mendoza, Argentina

30Abu Dhabi, UAE



33Walla Walla, WA

34Shanghai, China

35Buenos Aires, Argentina


37Greenville, SC

38Brussels, Belgium

39Albuquerque, NM



42Toronto, Ontario, Canada

43Boise, ID


45Iya Valley, Japan

46Southern Peloponnese, Greece

47The Berkshires, MA

48Mexico City

49San Antonio, TX

50Nagambie Lakes, Victoria, Australia

Our travel bucket list just got a bit longer with the best places to travel. We better get going!