Sarah Terry
Updated Sep 09, 2016 @ 1:51 pm
Burning Man Festival
Credit: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

The Burning Man Festival is an annual festival that takes place in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, a barren desert in the northern part of the state, northeast of Reno, the largest city in Northern Nevada. The event features a huge mass of people who come to a site with literally nothing and set up an entire city for only week. It’s full of art, unusual costumes, and a group of people trying to connect to something unique and escape their regular lives.

But one of the most incredible parts of Burning Man are the photos that come out of it, and you don’t need to spend any time in the dusty heat to enjoy them. We’ve collected some of our weirdest and most wonderful favorites from this year’s Burning Man.

The true soul of Burning Man is in the art.

Our fave is this beautiful, tilted question mark held up by human-like shapes.

This life-size video game piece looks amazing, both to stare at and to play!

The art looks so uniquely beautiful and solitary out in the desert.

There’s even human art.

But the awesome and sometimes crazy fashion of Burning Man is also a sight to see.

Of course, it’s hot in the desert, so there are a lot of very scantily clad people.

But others choose much more unusual costumes.

Fur was a big trend this year, as participants tried to get back to their primal, but still stylish roots.

Even these acrobatics look more epic at Burning Man.

At the end of the week, they set the large, wooden effigy aflame, hence the name, Burning Man.

But once it’s over, everyone feels like they’ve witnessed a little magic.