The Swiss town of Bergun in the winter.
Credit: Ceca Photography/Getty Images

The stunning and quaint town of Bergün has banned photography within its limits. And for good reason. Because of its awe-spiring scenery and picturesque homes, city officials urge residents and tourists not to share photos of the Swiss town. This way, no one would ever be unhappy for not being there.

But because there’s a ban preventing tourists from taking photos of the land, many travel from all over to come and capture its beauty anyway. Lucky for them, however, there’s no extreme punishment for disobeying the law. And instead, those who want take pictures will get a special permit to do so.

Yeah, Bergün just won the award for being the nicest, most beautiful town ever. And now we’re dying to come check it all out for ourselves.

Bergün mayor Peter Nicolay explained just why there’s a friendly photo ban on the Swiss town in the video, below.

The infamous “no pictures” sign mentioned reads: “Photographs of our picturesque landscape, shared on social media, can make others unhappy because they themselves cannot be here.” And of course, it’s a hotspot for those visiting to get a selfie with before hitting the road.

We’re not sure if it’s because they know it’s a joke, or if they’re just rebels without a cause. But, tourists are eager to visit the small town and to share all of the wonder sites with their followers. In fact, just searching the hashtag “Bergün” on Instagram is bound to fill a trouble seeker with comic relief. Let’s just say, no one is exactly taking this ban seriously.

And we’re not mad about it. Because, these pictures are too good to be true.

The ban could be in place over genuine concern for other’s feelings, or it could just be a publicity stunt. But, either way, it’s definitely ignited a little travel flame into all of us.