Emily Baines
August 11, 2016 2:46 pm

Guys, get ready to have your mind (and eyes) blown:

The above is a video of teamLab’s shimmering, magical exhibit “Wander Through the Crystal Universe,” which is part of their DMM.PLANETS Art installation in Tokyo. As Slate describes it, “It’s a serene space that seems to exist in some heretofore unseen, sparkling other galaxy. And it’s disorientingly beautiful.”

Disorientingly beautiful, indeed:

According to the artists, Crystal Universe was designed to emulate the image of a galaxy, an area where an overwhelming cluster of stars comes together in orbit around an even bigger star. In our galaxy, that star is the sun. But in the case of the Crystal Universe, it’s you.”

The immersive exhibit uses roughly 330,000 LEDs hung on 4.600 strips. But with the use of mirrors and other optical illusions make it almost impossible to tell what’s going on. All you know is that you’re part of a sensory maze experiencing pure, delightful beauty.


The installation is fully interactive, manipulated digitally and in real time based on the movements of the viewer. Thus, every visitor’s experience is unique. The space is constantly changing. Along with reacting to the visitor, the sculpture reacts to the changes on its own, creating a ripple effect for every new adjustment. We wish we could see its beauty in person!

If you’ve ever need a reason to visit Tokyo, this is it: real life magic.