West coast train rides
Credit: Nigel Killeen / Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to see the West Coast without the hassle of driving, then we have good news. While you could road trip with your bestie, you could do something as equally jaw-dropping, while saving some cash at the same time. Thanks to Amtrak’s Coast Starlight, you can travel from Seattle to Los Angeles, taking in all the breathtaking scenery along Oregon, Washington, and California…all for only $97.

You likely already know taking a train is an easy and inexpensive way to take in a country’s sights, but this route is one for the books.

The 35-hour route passes through 30 destinations with stops along some of the most iconic spots on the West Coast. According to Amtrak,

Thanks to the observation car, you can see the beautiful coast out of floor-to-ceiling windows, complete with a swivel chair, so you can lap up the ocean, forests, and valleys like the VIP you are.

In case you want even more VIP treatment, you can rent out a Superliner Roomette, which comes with big picture windows, two beds, and meals. Or you can opt for business class, which has all the fancy things you need to make your train ride even better (like wine and cheese, of course).

So hurry up and grab your favorite travel partner — this is a train ride you won’t wanna miss.