Alyssa Thorne
January 05, 2017 3:42 pm
SAUL LOEB/ Getty Images

Hear ye, hear ye, especially those of ye who live and work on the opposite coast from your families and can’t afford to go home nearly as much as your family would like. JetBlue is having a massive winter 2017 sale on fares, so rev your credit cards and get ready to book your flights home or buy a ticket for that long weekend you’ve been dreaming of, but weren’t quite ready to commit to.

With fares starting at $34, it’s not even a serious commitment. This isn’t a plane ticket you have to go steady with and text all the time — this is the kind of fare you can pick for a random weekend and expend very little energy to keep happy. This is the IDEAL plane ticket. Or boyfriend. Y’know.

But here’s the catch! You have to book by today and order to take advantage of these bonkers low prices.

We’re talkin’ Los Angeles to New York for $139. New York to St. Lucia for $139. CAYMAN ISLANDS. JAMAICA. BERMUDA. BARBADOS. ALL UNDER $200! SOME FOR UNDER $100! This is a big deal, people. A big deal.

So if you don’t have any plans for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, or were thinking about booking ahead for Memorial Day, or just have a few days off to burn and needed a reason… we’ve got the answer, and the answer is JetBlue. But you have to hurry, because (a) the day is almost over and (b) we’re going to book EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT ourselves and if you don’t beat us to it you’re going to miss out.

Love you, but sorry, we’re already packing our bags.