Carly Lane
Updated May 29, 2015 @ 1:38 pm

Let me preface this by saying that I am one of the people out there in the world who can’t wait for Jurassic World. I made a list of everything I’m looking forward to long before we had much more than a trailer to go on, so it’s safe to say that when it comes to this film — I’m seriously biased. Chris Pratt as a dino whisperer? COME ON.

And when it comes to being a celebrity promoting his movie on social media, Chris Pratt is aces. He posted a hilarious blog on his Facebook page preemptively apologizing for anything he might say in advance while under the strain of a grueling press tour.

But on his Instagram (where he has over 1 million followers!), he’s dedicated his feed to “deeper more meaningful stuff”, according to his bio. That includes everything from photos of his sweet family to documenting his epic hair-braiding skills. Lately, it’s been all about the Jurassic World press tour – and thanks to the photos Chris has been snapping, it feels like we’re going around the world with him! Here’s your guide to traveling the world, Chris Pratt-style.

You’ve always got to bring action figures wherever you go, especially when you’re visiting major monuments.

You’ve got to pose super-natural like in front of a metal gate in London.

If you’re in China, make friends… with statues.

Always observe fine art when you get the chance—and draw comparisons. Chris thinks this dude hanging in the House of Lords looks like Kevin Spacey.

If you get a fruit basket in your fancy Parisian hotel (and you will, if you’re Chris Pratt), stick your toe in it.

In Beijing, check out the local tourist shops for souvenirs like this one. What?

And if someone asks you to play piano in the UK, make sure that piano was signed by Elton John. This one checks out.

Please never change, Chris Pratt – and thanks for sharing your worldly adventures with us. Keep them pictures coming!

(Images via Instagram)