Well, it looks like avocados are back in the spotlight. Just last week we were talking about avocado lattes and today we’ve learned, Trader Joe’s is now selling tiny single serve avocados. The Teeny Tiny Avocados come in bags of six, are about the size of a lime, and most importantly, they fit snuggly in the palm of your hand for that perfect Instagram shot. Seriously, it’s no secret we love all things avocado and this is no different.

Trader Joe’s says its new teeny product is ideal for one meal — which is great news for avocado enthusiasts everywhere. Let’s face it, we all know the struggle of cutting into our favorite fruit, but only needing one half and being forced to wrap the other rest up for later. Only to come back the next day to find the saved half is completely brown and gross.

These teeny tiny baby avocados will fix that!

See, cute and functional.

Honestly, could these baby avocados be any cuter?

In its post announcing the Teeny Tiny Avocados, Trader Joe’s said

And we’re so inclined to agree! You can pick up your own bag of Teeny Tiny Avocados for $2.69 at stores in Texas and on the West Coast, and for $2.99 everywhere else. BRB, we’re headed to Trader Joe’s!