Humans of all ages — from 9 years to 90 — brace yourselves, because your world is about to get shaken up and turned upside down. According to The Inquisitr, The Toys “R” Us flagship store in New York will soon be closing its doors…forever.

Since 2001, the Times Square toy retailer has been delighting customers with its towering 3-stories of stocked goodies. But the stores has been struggling as of late to stay grounded in an online retailer world, mostly thanks to Amazon and eBay.

This move not only dissolves one of the most sought-after Times Square attractions, but cuts around 400 jobs. According to Crains New York, the retailer announced earlier this year that it will be closing the store after the holiday season on Dec. 30th.

Many have speculated that this doesn’t bode well for Toys “R” Us at large, but the company stated they’re still going strong. This move came more for the rising rents of keeping stores afloat on Broadway.

Even though their flagship New York store is closing, there’s still plenty of space available for a kid to be a kid. For instance, in 2017, the world’s largest retailer “will open a sprawling 55,000-square-foot store inside the American Dream Meadowlands where it will sell a line of FAO Schwartz branded items.”, reports.

So book a plane! Get on a bus! Hitchhike your way to the East Coast! Slide through a giant keyboard a la Tom Hanks in Big before it’s too late!

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