Credit: Pexels

Three famous toys made it into the National Toy Hall of Fame this year.

Earning yourself a spot in the hall of fame is no easy feat – only 62 toys have made the cut so far. The museum received more than 4,200 applications, narrowing that down to 12 finalists (including Clue, Uno, and Coloring books).

“The committee considered factors like name recognition and how long products have been on shelves. Finalists were then reviewed by a national advisory committee, who ranked their top three choices,” TIME reported.

The three winners? Drumroll, please.

The simple playground swing is a pivotal part of most American children’s childhoods. Is there anything more iconic?

Stranger Things has us thinking about this roleplaying mind game again. The committee said D&D revolutionized complex gaming and created a new genre of entertainment.

These adorable life-scenes-in-miniature are classic Americana at its finest. They first hit shelves at the height of the post-WWII baby boom and paved the way for the Fisher Price toys we loved in the 80’s and 90’s.

Anyone else feeling nostalgic for childhood right now?