Kenya Foy
Updated Jan 07, 2017 @ 10:25 am
toy horse
Credit: davidd/

Some things you have to see believe, like this toy horse with extremely detailed anatomy. Like everyone else who’s seen this horse online, we’re quite dumbfounded at the moment. If this horse wore a three-piece suit, the designers would need to have some extra seam allowances for the pants because this toy has one hell of a package, and no one knows what to say about it. Actually, here’s a most fitting word for this occasion: Why?

According to BuzzFeed, Canadian company Battat designed this horse toy, which is nothing like the toys we begged Santa to get us when we were kids, because he probably would’ve sent us a lump of coal instead for being naughty.

Battat’s site describes their toys as high-quality, which we take to mean toys that try to live up to the reputation of their real-life counterparts because Twitter user Bob Velcoro posted a pic of the toy and look at this horse’s junk:

On second thought, maybe they’re just super detail-oriented folks. Maybe? SIGHS. We don’t know, but according to the internet, their attention to design detail needs work:


Um, well…this is awkward. This isn’t the first time that a toy horse’s package has been the topic of such spirited conversation. Yep, anatomically correct horse toys aren’t anything new, as demonstrated by this photo of a similar horse toy from 2014.