The top unisex baby names of 2017 are what we need more of

For parents-to-be, thinking up potential baby names is something of a rite of passage. It’s such an important moment that practically every show on the planet, from Friends to Sherlock, have featured the struggle to find ~that~ perfect baby name. And now that 2017 has arrived in all its glory, Nameberry has released its list of the top baby names for the year, to help all those parents out there looking for some inspiration.

The website uses page view comparisons from last January to this January in order find changes in trends. According to the site, this year marks a big shift in top baby names. Of the results, it said, “The results are astonishing: A whole raft of hot new names signal a major cultural shift in 2017.”

While unisex were previously popular name choices, it appears that the 2017 trends saw a rise of new gender-specific names and unisex names have dropped in usage. But the Tayors and Caseys of the word shouldn’t fret because there are still some really cute unisex names being used.

The top unisex names on Nameberry are:

1. Quincy

While it may be rising in popularity, the name Quincy has a long history as John Quincy Adams, the sixth President of the United States, had “Quincy” has his middle name and one of the most legendary music producers in the world is Quincy Jones.

2. Remi

So Remi doesn’t have the same background as Quincy, but the beautiful name is of French origin and you really can’t go wrong with a stunning French name.

3. Winter

Winter is one of the most beautiful and underrated seasons. It can bring quiet peace or can bring a stunning storm. Winter is the perfect name for a little one with personality.

4. Ellis

Now, more than ever, this name has beautiful meaning. Since the Muslim ban was issued, there have been stories of people naming their newborns Ellis after Ellis Island, a reminder that immigration is important to the United States.

We can’t wait to see how many adorable little babies are given these beautiful unisex names.

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