Pinterest has released some data that is pretty interesting if you’re someone who loves Pinterest (that’s pretty much everyone, right?). The social network site released its most popular trends for 2015 by pinpointing the top 10 search terms for some of its most Pinterest-y (probably a word) countries including the United States, Japan, France, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Germany. Because Pinterest wants us to be up-to-date about all things globally trendy (and super adorable).

The top searched item for each country is pretty specific; for example, the number one most search item in Japan is eggs Benedict; in France it’s Scandinavian living rooms; in Brazil it’s natural makeup (which totally makes sense); in the UK it’s pork pie; and in Germany it’s crafting with kids (aww).

For your viewing pleasure and for your general knowledge of things, here are the top 10 most searched items in the U.S. (get ready to get inspiration for things you had no idea you wanted to be inspired about):

1. Harry Potter: No surprise there.

2. Lob hair: You know, that side-swept, layered hairstyle that supposedly looks good on everyone.

3. Iceland: Apparently, a lot of people are taking pin-spiration vacations with photos like this.

4. Men’s fashion: Women aren’t the only Pinterest devotees out there.

5. Pallet projects: DIY furniture projects like this are majorly popular (at least, to fantasize about).

6. Bathroom storage: People are turning to Pinterest for creative ideas on how to save space…in the room where it counts the most.

7. Small tattoos: According to Pinterest, the biggest tattoo trend of the year is really, really tiny.

8. Scandinavian interiors: Much like in France, people in the US are turning to Scandinavia for interior design ideas.

9. Vegan recipes: Pinterest has long been a hub for delicious recipes, but this year’s most popular ones didn’t involve dairy or meat.

10. Alice in Wonderland: All things Alice reigned supreme in search.We had no idea we needed an Alice in Wonderland outlet cover, but as it turns out, we do!

(Featured image via Shutterstock)