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On Saturday, Tom Hiddleston’s upcoming Hank Williams biopic I Saw The Light premiered in Nashville, the country music capital of the world. After the movie, attendees were treated to a very special, totally Nashville-appropriate treat. Hiddleston himself took the stage to perform some of Hank Williams’ most iconic hits, and it was, in a word, unreal.

Hiddleston performs all the music in the film, and as he showed over the weekend, his musical chops are 100% legit. During his live set he performed songs like, “Hey, Good Lookin'” and “Move It On Over,” the same song we heard in the clip Hiddleston shared not too long ago.

He also shared some charming banter, going back and forth between his own accent and a Southern drawl. Yeah, it’s swoon-worthy.

We officially cannot wait for I Saw the Light, which lands in theaters next March, and will be keeping our fingers crossed for a Tom Hiddleston country music career at some point. In the meantime, sit back and let Hiddleston croon to you on this fine Monday.


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