Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Michael Stewart/Getty Images
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Michael Stewart/Getty Images

The Tom Hiddleston you know and love, loves to dance. Like, a lot. He is practically dancing all the damn time (when he’s not impersonating his Avenger buddies, that is). And if you’ve seen Hiddleston dance, you know he’s got the MOVES. Like, someone should seriously considering casting him in a Step Up movie if those things are still happening, because we’d all be THERE for it.


With that being said, it should come as no surprise that at last night’s Met Gala, he completely busted out his sweet moves, as you do at the Met Gala, obviously. But, even better, he wasn’t alone on the dance floor when he started getting down, and found himself with an unlikely dance partner: Taylor Swift.

Repeat: Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift danced together at the Met Gala, and our hearts can barely take it.

While Hiddleston is an A+ dancer, it’s safe to assume that even Swift herself would not call herself in Hiddleston’s dance league by any means. She can certainly shake it off, but she’s no Hiddleston doing the robot.

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What does this all boil down to? It’s time for Hiddleston to go on the road with Swift as one of her backup dancer. It’s the only logical conclusion. He can take some time off from being an A-list movie star and starring in the latest Thor move to learn the choreography for “Blank Space.” He is a self-proclaimed dancing fiend, and has even commented in the past that he’s a big Calvin Harris fan. This all makes sense.

So there you have it. This is the best thing on the internet today. Hiddleston + Swift + dancing = our new life.