Okay, don’t go freaking out just yet, but evidence is starting to stack up that one of our Internet Boyfriend is going to join another one of our Internet Boyfriends for one of our favorite shows on the planet.

Tom Hiddleston + Benedict Cumberbatch = Sherlock?

Is this a dream? Well, possibly. So let’s put on our detective hats, and look at the cold hard facts. Like, how over the weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the Sherlock panel teased three very cryptic clues about the upcoming Season 4. One of them is the word, “Sherrinford.” Diving into Sherlock Holmes mythology for a quick second, Sherrinford is thought to be (the never-seen) third older brother of Mycroft and Sherlock.

There’s a super quick, and vague, mention of this mysterious older brother at the very end of the Season 3 episode, “The Last Vow.”

Credit: BBC

That brings us back to this weekend’s Comic-Con, where this Holmes Brother was teased again…and then Tom Hiddlston had to go and take a picture with Sherlock showrunner, producer, writer, and Mycroft himself, Mark Gatiss.

And since the internet loves to jump to immediate conclusions, COULD TOM HIDDLESTON BE PLAYING THIS THIRD BROTHER?

There’s no denying the resemblance between Hiddleston and Cumberbatch, especially in the cheekbone region. Also, he’s British and dashing, just like Cumberbatch (and also, Gatiss). Is this actually a hidden clue for the upcoming Season 4? Amanda Abbington, who plays Mary, also tweeted out the same picture, this time with the caption, “Yeah.” false

You’d think if you were meeting Tom Hiddleston for the first time your tweet would include a lot more !!!!!!!!!!!!! so it’s possible this crew goes way back, and doesn’t need exclamation points.

There’s also Mycroft’s line of “what happened to the other one” making it seem like whatever happened to “the other one” happened a while ago, as in the past. Meaning that maybe, we’ll get Tom Hiddleston Sherlock flashbacks?? IDK, just a really good idea if you’re listening, Sherlock.

According to this crew, they’ve got two more weeks left of shooting, and then Season 4 will be DONE. Let the long countdown to 221B Baker Street — AND MAYBE TOM HIDDLESTON? — begin.