Tom Hardy’s already proved he can roll with the big dogs. Since his film debut in Black Hawk Down, he’s tackled badass role after badass role, most recently co-starring with Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road. However, the British actor was recently a guest on the show, Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs, which is a docu-series about an animal shelter outside of London, and basically unleashed his entire soft side all at once.

Seriously, brace yourself.

Tom told his host that he has a pup of his own, but that he was excited to visit the shelter for some K-9 therapy. “They let me come in and see the dogs,” he said, grinning like a little boy about to get an ice cream cone, “and give them a cuddle.”

Give them a cuddle. Is your heart melting yet?

Here, let me show you what it looks like when big, tough, dude-man Tom Hardy meets dogs and “gives them a cuddle.”

I think the dogs are the ones giving him a cuddle!

“All dogs are great, but sometimes, you can connect with one immediately,” Tom beamed while playing with an American bulldog named Titch that looks larger than a human middle schooler. “Titch is cut from my very fabric. He feels like an extension already, of me and my family.”

Even after Titch left a puddle of slobber in Tom’s beard, the actor was totally smitten. “He’s fantastic. If I didn’t have a dog, I’d take him home today.”

I mean …

If you’re in England, you can catch the full episode on ITV. For the rest of us who are looking for some dog therapy, here’s a clip of Tom’s afternoon at the kennel:

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