Losing your ID is always nerve-wracking. One minute you’re sure it’s in your wallet, and the next you’re heading to the student center or DMV to try and get a new one, while hoping whoever finds it doesn’t do anything awful with it. But for Lauren, a student at Fordham University, she can rest assured that her recently lost ID is in wonderful hands. Tom Hanks’ hands, to be exact.

Tom Hanks was walking in the park recently when he spotted the card on the ground. Always the best person ever, he grabbed it and posted a picture on Twitter to try and get the word to her.

Seriously, so awesome! People quickly started responding, including a professor who had her in class and one of Lauren’s friends.

Not long after, loads and loads of tweets followed, praising Hanks’ efforts and envying this mysterious Lauren character.

Tom Hanks posted the photo just four hours ago, and it’s already been shared over 4 thousand times, so we’re pretty sure it won’t be much longer before Lauren has her ID again.

And when she does get it back, there’s only one thing to say to her ID’s guardian angel: T.Hanks.

(Image via 20th Century Fox)