Are we all still freaking out over how adorbs Tom Hanks was in the Carly Rae Jepsen vid that was released last week? Get ready to “SQUEE!” your brains out because Hanks is on an adorable ROLL. reports that a Girl Scout troop in Northern California was having a slow cookie sales day until Hanks showed up and bought five boxes of cookies. Note the photo, he bought at least one box of Caramel Delites, we approve. And he posed for pics, whataguy!

What makes this story extra cute (as if a movie star helping out a bunch of girls scouts wasn’t already cute enough), is that when passerbys started noticing Hanks and asking for pictures, Hanks happily obliged, but ONLY on the condition that those people bought cookies from the girls.

Tom Hanks, you have been having QUITE the cute March. Keep on being the sweetest, you old so and so!