Gina Vaynshteyn
Updated Apr 10, 2015 @ 2:46 pm
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The first time life forces you to grapple with death is one of the hardest. You are forced to learn that all living things are born, grow up, grow old, and eventually turn back into stardust (or whatever you believe to be true, because who knows?). You learn how to mourn and express your sadness in a way that’s different from regular sadness. And you slowly (and maybe reluctantly) realize that the thing or person you loved is gone forever, and not being really sure what to do with that kind of finality is so very normal.

This kind of devastating realization occurs to this little boy named Kowen, who has to flush his beloved goldfish named Top down the toilet. He kisses the fish goodbye, but the realness of his pet’s death only hits him after he’s pressed the lever. Kowen’s face wrinkles up and he starts bawling, so his mom asks him what’s wrong. Unable to vocalize what he’s feeling, Kowen just repeats his fish’s name. IT. IS. SO. REAL. He perfectly expresses the pain, the speechlessness, the inability to comprehend loss in the most moving, honest way. Also, he just loved that goldfish.

Take a look at the full video and be prepared for emotions to swell in your heart:

Image via Daily Mail/YouTube