Creighton Elliott Heslop may only be a one-year-old boy, but he’s officially an honorary police officer in the eyes of the Tomball Police Department in Texas. On Monday, he was given a pint-sized police uniform, as well as a badge and ID, and got his photo taken to be added to the board of city police officers. Why? Because Creighton, who’s always been totally fascinated by the police and those flashing red-and-blue lights, has proved himself a true hero after battling an incredibly rare form of cancer.

“Creighton’s mom contacted us several weeks ago, told us about his case and how he was diagnosed with cancer six months ago at just fourteen months old and that his treatment so far has been unsuccessful,” Tomball Police Chief Billy Tidwell told ABC News. “She said he really wanted to sit and play in a police car, and we decided that we could and should do more than just that.”

Creighton is now 20 months old and has been battling his cancer for the past six months. Sadly, his future is unclear, but that’s why his family and the police department have been trying their hardest to give them the best present they can — by declaring October 19th “Creighton Celebration of Life Day.”

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