mazzy makes boba tea
Credit: The Mazzy Show /

Once again, we find ourselves shamelessly taking cooking tips from a kid. We can’t help it if this adorable toddler makes boba milk tea with the ease of a professional! If this baby-led tutorial keeps us from running all over the place trying to find the healthiest boba tea and helps us save money in the process, then so be it.

Because we’re not done justifying our decision to let a child hold our hands through this tea-making process, here’s the thing: Cute babies cannot be ignored, especially not ones like Mazzy, a toddler with her own YouTube cooking show.

If you’re not convinced that 2-year-old Mazzy’s worth listening to by now, we don’t know what to tell ya. We’ll just let the charm and culinary skills she exhibits in her latest episode of “The Mazzy Show” do all the talking.

So, is this a kid who knows her way around the kitchen or nah? Although her show is still relatively new, Mazzy has already schooled us on the proper way to prepare some of our favorite foods, like pizza, dumplings, and nachos.

She’s even got the dessert game on lock. Between the Thai banana masterpiece she whipped up in episode 10 and these delish-looking strawberry cupcakes she prepared in Episode 8, our sweet tooth has some difficult decisions to make.

Clearly, we’re huge fans of Mazzy, but we’d feel bad if we didn’t give some major thanks to her dad, the creator behind the doll-faced toddler’s online cooking show. As you can see, he helps her out with some of the heavy lifting, like boiling and straining.

Anyway, we’re off to try Mazzy’s boba tea recipe. Let’s hope it comes out as good as hers.