Briana Hansen
April 16, 2016 12:24 pm
People's Daily 人民日报/YouTube

We all want to believe we’re brave and would do anything to defend the honor of those we love, especially if it involves our grandmas. But, let’s be real… that’s not always the case. Courage, though it can be practiced and strengthened, is sometimes just something you’re born with. And there’s one little toddler in China who was definitely born with more than average.

A video showing this brave little guy, ferociously defending his grandmother from authorities who were attempting to mess with her, is taking over the Internet (and for good reason.) To be fair, they were simply code enforcers at the Chengguan marketplace who were asking his grandma to put some of her items back into regulation. But family is family, and as far as he could see, grandma had no reason to listen to these fellows. So he decided he was having absolutely none of this crap.

First, he wards off the uniformed men with a pipe that is three-times his size. Is this baby Superman?

Then, he valiantly throws the pipe down, showing all of the onlookers that he means business. While others may be giggling, this kid is clearly not joking around.

A kind-looking authority attempts a more gentle approach, taking the mini-warrior by the arm and attempting to gently lead him to the side for a little time out. But the pint-sized defender of grandmother-related justice is not buying it for one minute. He shakes him off and yells at him as the thwarted authority basically runs away.

The whole video is equal mixes of adorable and amazing. Though the final outcome of the interaction is unclear from the video itself, one thing is very clear: Don’t mess with this kid’s grandma. Check it out for yourself and prepare to be impressed by his miniature might: