Credit: Francois Guillot / AFP / Getty Images

ICYMI, today, April 22nd, is not only Earth Day, but it’s also the day a BIG march is taking place. Well, MANY big marches. Here’s what you should know about today’s March for Science, The Washington Post reported.

The main march is in Washington, D.C. around 2 p.m.

However, hundreds of marches will take place in other cities. According to Live Science, as of April 6th, a total of 480 satellite marches are scheduled worldwide on every continent — with 358 marches in the United States alone in all 50 states. Ahhh-mazing!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Scientists and supporters everywhere will participate in the marches today.

Approximately 100 scientific groups are backing the March for Science, too, according to Good magazine, from the California Academy of Sciences to the American Geophysical Union.

Of course, Bill Nye (aka Bill Nye the Science Guy) is participating.

Look at all those people in D.C.! And the March for Science is happy to have Nye backing them.

And here’s another look at all the supporters in D.C. alone. Not even the rain will stop marchers!

If you’re wondering if this is another march protesting President Trump’s policies, you’re right. As you may know, Trump’s administration has proposed HUGE cuts to the sciences in its proposed 2018 budget, according to Live Science. The largest of these is a 31 percent (!) reduction in the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget.

As we said before, March for Science marches are spanning the globe. From states like Arizona…

…to countries like Greenland!

Even penguins are marching for science!

All in all, we’re impressed by all the people — and animals — out there right now marching for science aka this very important cause. We must remember: Change IS possible, one step at a time…