Updated May 18, 2016 @ 1:58 pm

The good folks over at THINX get it. We’re not just talking about their revolutionary period-proof underwear, but also their commitment to keeping it real about that time of the month.

Credit: THINX

Their latest ad campaign keeps it 100 with slogans like “Period (and the bodega guy is srsly judging my midnight snack choice) -Proof Underwear” and stars transgender model Sawyer DeVuyst.

THINX CEO Miki Agrawal told Bustle, “We thought it was high-time that people see a menstruating trans man 10 feet tall in the subway.” She goes on to say, “Just as with any of our other campaigns, it’s going to be a little jarring to have it plastered all over somewhere as bustling as Union Square, but that’s what it takes to break taboos… It’s a very real and inclusive portrayal of periods as we experience them.”

Credit: THINX

THINX also sells period boyshorts for men and women in a boxer brief style. (If you’re the type to get cozy in a pair of boxers when Aunt Flo is in town, then you can see the absolute brilliance happening here.)

Credit: THINX

Oh, and the grapefruit and eggs in the ads are totally intentional, ya know, paying homage to the whole reproductive system and whatnot. The flipped images are intentional too, a nod to THINX’s goal to shift the perspective of periods.

The new adverts are already turning heads in NYC subways and THINX has no plans on stopping there. Start practicing your back handsprings, your favorite week of the month just got way better.