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Our pups are our very best friends (sorry, bae!) and they’re also ridiculously beautiful creatures. So of course we’re madly in love with dog tattoos. Like, what better way to prove to our pups that we’ll love them ’til the end of time than to get their sweet, teensy faces etched onto our bodies forevermore?

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They’re just SO CUTE WE CAN’T HANDLE IT. And their hearts are so sweet and they’re everything good in the world. Is anything alive more deserving of a tattoo?

Here are some of our fave dog tattoos:

1. This stunning work

Your dog will never doubt your love!

2. This flawless pup

We NEED like a dozen, thanks.

3. This space dog

Our hearts can’t take it.

4. This sketch

Artsy AF.

5. This ankle tattoo

So easy to hide.

6. This beauty

Aw, aw, aw.

7. This geometric tattoo

So edgy.

8. This watercolor

We’ll never get over watercolor tattoos.

9. This bright piece

Heart eyes x 100,000,000.

10. This simple dog tattoo

So, so cute.

11. This teensy poodle

OMG, stop.