Anna Gragert
Updated Apr 05, 2016 @ 1:30 pm
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Have you ever taken a moment to ponder the importance of your name? If you really think about it, your name – a combination of simple letters – is your identity. It represents who you are. It’s literally what people call you. Isn’t that insane?!

What’s perhaps even more interesting is the popularity of names. During any given time, certain names are being written down on birth certificates more than others. Maybe it has to do with a TV, movie, or book character who’s captivated the multitudes during that period of time. Maybe it’s because of a public figure who’s doing good in the world. Or, it could just be because the chosen name is a classic, something a child is guaranteed to not be ashamed of.

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The ’90s serves as the perfect example. When you look at the Social Security Administration’s data for 1990-1999, they report that a total of 20,545,048 males and 19,639,350 females were born during this decade. That means that, overall, 40,184,398 babies were birthed into this world during the ’90s.

Now let’s take a look at what many of these newborns were named…

Chances are you, you had a best friend named Jessica. Or Ashley. Or Emily. Definitely a Jennifer or a Lauren, right?

As a ’90s kid, I can safely say that not one of these names surprises me. They’re all fairly common and quintessential, instantly reminding me of certain peers I knew growing up. Heck, there are even a ton of celebrities who sport these monikers, making us believe that they may have been at the receiving end of their name’s popularity.

Now, the only question that’s left to ask is: Did your name make the cut?