Rachel Charlene Lewis
September 18, 2016 8:17 am
@goldlagrimas / www.instagram.com

Oh, moms. Do they ever get the gratitude they deserve? Not only are they judged constantly regarding everything from breastfeeding habits to going to work too soon after having babies while also being expected to give up their lives and their passions for their children, but they do so in exchange for like, a candle once a year. We love candles, but we know it isn’t always enough! So if you really, truly adore your mom and have been considering a way to thank her, why not give mom tattoos a shot?

We love all things tattoos, and mom tattoos have always been something rolling around in the back of our minds. But we want something trendy, like, obv, and these ones give a super edgy twist to the (already SO beautiful!) traditional mom tattoo.

Here are some of our fave updated mom tattoos!

Because moms are royalty.

Because who hasn’t given mom flowers?

Because blackwork is everything.

Edgy AF.

Because throwbacks are much appreciated.

Because notes from mom are worth saving.

So, so unique!

Because fonts are important.

Literally so cute.

From your trendiest dreams.