Kenya Foy
October 03, 2017 2:00 pm
@molotovsubtle /

‘Tis the season to cover your skin, but we’re not talking about removable outerwear. After scouring the web for the perfect tiny Halloween tattoo ideas, we would like to declare this festive season as the absolute best time to get inked. There are endless designs out their to appease your inner ghoul that allow you to get a tattoo for Halloween in the creepiest and most creative way.

Given all the many ways one could express their love for Halloween and tattoos, we could see how a massive sleeve of your favorite characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas would be fitting. However, for those of you who are more into tiny tattoos to show your love of Halloween, we’ve got you (minimally) covered. And just because this is time of year when people pay to get scared out of their minds in haunted house tours and hole up at night watching horror movie marathons, that doesn’t mean you have to get a tattoo that causes people to run away in horror.

You can totally choose a design that’s more edgy than scary.

These tiny tattoos are considerably less terrifying than Bride of Chucky‘s menacing mug but still intriguing enough to let everyone know how much of a Halloween lover you are.

1Spider web ear tat.

This minimal ear tat works perfect for Halloween fanatics who want subtly festive ink.

2A bat tat.

This “batass” tattoo is equal parts cool and sexy.

3Witch’s hat.

As far as we know, the Japanese fare has no correlation to Halloween, but we are absolutely digging this tiny tat of a piece of sushi wearing a witch’s hat.

4Candy corn with bat wings.

If you want to divide a room of people in the quickest way possible, just ask who loves candy corn and watch the crowd part down the middle. Love the candies or hate ’em, we can’t deny that this candy corn with bat wings is the a super sweet Halloween tat that gets our seal of approval.

5Ghostly black cat.

The only thing better than a black cat tattoo is an image of the sleek feline posing in an old-fashioned ghost costume with cut-out eye holes.

6Jason Voorhees finger tat.

So, this one is still kinda scary but the small scale makes the masked Friday the 13th film character look slightly less intimidating than on the big screen.

7Mummy tat.

So ghoulish yet so cool. Just like every Halloween party needs mummy poppers, every Halloween lover needs a mummy tat.

8Angry hatchet.

This tiny tat offers a Halloween-ish horror film aesthetic without scaring away people who see its sharp edges glistening in the dark.

9Tiny potion bottles.

These miniature potion bottles have us completely spellbound. Because this design appeals to Halloween and Harry Potter fans, we give it two thumbs up and a pair of witch emojis.


Seriously, what better way to pay homage to Halloween than getting a ghost tat? We are loving this minimalist, understated design that we can stare directly in the eye (holes) without breaking into a sweat.

11Halloween knuckle tats.

Nothing says edgy like knuckle tats, especially when they’re Halloween-themed.

12Tiny anatomical heart.

Anatomical hearts are one of our favorite Halloween props (the more fake blood they’re covered in, the better), so it’s only natural that we recommend this creepy yet strangely endearing design of a hand cradling a human heart.

13Spider and web tat.

If you’re an arachnophobe, obviously this would be the last tattoo you’d want on your skin. We can’t even pretend like the sight of this spider hanging from a web wouldn’t legitimately scare the crap out of us in real life, but in tattoo form, it’s simply badass.