Credit: Jada Fitch Illustrations /

Sometimes, we come across something so downright AWESOME, we wonder why it took us this long to find it!

Enter artist Jada Fitch, a wildlife illustrator who’s artwork is absolutely breathtaking. Not only is she an amazing artist, Jada is an avid bird-watcher and photographer; however, she was having trouble getting close enough to the birds who frequent her backyard. So, what’s a girl to do? Create amazing little birdhouses that she could tape to her window to get her winged friends close enough for her to photograph, duh!

She didn’t settle on the idea of boring, plain birdhouses, though.

Credit: Jada Fitch Illustrations

“It took some time for the birds to investigate,” Fitch said. “I had my camera phone set up on a stack of books, and used the headphone shutter release to snap some shots every time one would poke their heads in.”

Ahh, so cool!

You can check out more of Jada’s artwork on her website here.