Current Comedy Queens Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were on hand at last night’s Screen Actors Guild Awards to present long-time Comedy Queen Carol Burnett with a lifetime achievement award. Just thinking about those three funny ladies together in the same room warms our heart, but then let them crack jokes, too? Even better.


Before handing the award over to Burnett, Fey and Poehler gave what has to be one of the best — if not THE BEST — pre-award speech. Clocking in at just about three and a half minutes, this short clip needs to be fleshed out into something like a 90 minute movie, because we’d see it. Multiple times.

First, the duo discuss Burnett’s impressively long career, that spans from 1959 right up until this year with the “unauthorized biopic Carol, about her long-time friendship with Julie Andrews.” Not what the movie is actually about, but now we kinda want to see that movie. Multiple times.

Fey and Poehler also note that comedy is SOOOOOOOOO much harder than drama, because comedic actors have to do the same exact things as dramatic actors, only faster. And as for Leonardo DiCaprio’s strong turn in The Revenant? Psh, Burnett would have done it so much better, and would have made a “much funnier face after eating something very disgusting.” Yeah, we’d watch that, too.

The whole speech is hilarious, and even better, incredibly touching. Only these two can pull of something like that off. Check out the whole video below, and Fey/Poehler for President of Everything 2016.

(Image via YouTube)