If you’re a Time Warner customer, your email account may be in jeopardy

Are you a customer of Time Warner Cable? If so, you’re going to want to change your password, stat.

The company said in a statement Wednesday that the passwords and email addresses of up to 320,000 of its customers may have been stolen. The company didn’t discover the breach on their own, but was alerted by the FBI, who told the company that email addresses including the account passwords “may have been compromised.”

Though it’s currently unknown how, why, or when the data was taken, the company has found no evidence that its own systems were hacked into.

If you have a Roadrunner account (or have rr.com in your e-mail address), you’re at particularly high risk. “We’re contacting customers who could potentially be affected so they can take precautions, including changing their password to a strong, unique alternative,” a TWC spokesman said, according to CNET. “Additionally, through our website we provide several tips for how to navigate the Web more carefully and how to avoid phishing schemes.”

According to the company, email and password details were probably collected through phishing attacks, or possibly indirectly through breaches of other companies that stored TWC’s customer information. Though Time Warner is working on notifying its customers, it’s still a good idea to change your password, ASAP.

You know what they say — better safe than sorry.

(Image via Twitter/Time Warner Cable)

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