blooming flowers time lapse
Credit: jamie scott /

When the weather outside is frightful, we typically curse Mother Nature’s name to the high heavens, but this breathtaking time-lapse video of flowers blooming makes it *really* difficult to stay mad at her for long.

Shot over a three-year period, Spring captures various flowers blossoming during their reproductive phases. Filmmaker Jamie Scott edited down eight terabytes of photos to produce the final flower-filled cut, and the results are incredible and stunning.

Filmed as a companion piece to his Fall time-lapse, Scott’s visual is probably the next best thing to getting lost in one of the world’s dreamiest flower tunnels.

Armed with a Canon 5D Mark II, a 24mm lens, a Dynamic Perception Stage One slider and a blue screen, Scott went about the business of shooting an incredible number of flowers, including grape hyacinths, peonies and tulips, even taking care to choose them based on the rates at which they bloomed. He snapped photos in both indoor and outdoor settings and also photographed flowers at various angles.

“This added a huge technical challenge because I had to add a 90 percent tilt into the piece,” Scott told Fstoppers of the tedious filmmaking process.

Speaking of challenges, filming Spring also required its fair share of patience on Scott’s behalf because shooting on the cherry blossoms’ blooming schedule wasn’t the easiest task.

Clearly his hard work paid off. We deeply appreciate Scott’s commitment to creating an absolutely gorgeous take on one of nature’s most beautiful processes.