Meaghan Kirby
January 19, 2017 12:34 pm
Apatow Productions

We spend a lot of time talking about Millennials. Our lifestyle, our work ethic, even our slang. But now, the next generation is coming of age with their own slang and it’s about time to get reacquainted with Generation Z. Gen Z is made up of those born between 1996-2010, who have been around about as long as the internet and have completely grown up online. Weird to think about, right?

It seems that every few years or so, especially with the expansion of our digital footprint, we’re forced to become familiar with all the new hip lingo making its way around the internet. Understanding Gen Z slang has become a full-time job for some, with McCann Worldwide devoting an entire website to understanding Gen Z. We’ve scoured the internet and have come up with some of the best slang around the internet.

Here are some of the most popular Gen Z slang words for Millennials and Gen Xers to learn:

1Tea, another word for gossip/dirt.

Originating from a commercial in which Kermit the frog is sipping Lipton tea, it quickly became meme referring to serious goss.

2Finstagram, a fake instagram

This one is a little bit complicated. Essentially it’s a “fake” Instagram but it allows the user to be a little more authentic without having to worry about not getting enough likes or being perceived as weird. So, it’s sort of a “real” Instagram account but is designed to be fake. Ah, YOUTHS.

3Suh, what’s up?

It’s just a simpler, shorter way to ask the already simple, “what’s up?”

4OTP, acronym for One True Pair.

This can be used to describe a real couple or a fictional couple from a book, movie, TV series, etc. false

5Real Talk, a preface way of saying that what you’re about to say is true.

Generation Z synonyms include, Bible and Facts.

6Ship, often used to describe a two people who a third person believes would be perfect together or already make a great couple.

Similar to OTP, shipping can be about two real or fictional people from a variety of mediums.

7Firing Shots, when someone says something to or about another person.

It’s essentially firing a verbal bullet at someone.

8Lit, generally meaning it’s “popping” or amazing, even fantastic.

Lit can refer to essentially anything but is generally associated with a place or event.

9Draking, usually used when describing or feeling emotional or are moping.

It stems from admiration from the sappiest Canadian rapper in the game, Drake.

10Salty, when someone’s in a bad or irritated mood.

When a person says something to another person with a particular tone that implies they’re not happy.

11Zayum, Damn but 100 times more enthusiastic.

Usually meaning someone looks or sounds amazing.

12Thirsty, when someone looks desperate for attention.


Can also mean someone likes what they see.

For those looking to explore more about the dialect also known as Gen Z, there are some important things to help you get better acclimated to these words. For starters, somehow Drake, despite being 30, has inspired many Gen Z slang terms. Additionally DJ Khaled, memes, and reality shows also serve as origins to many slang words.

Good luck though, because, real talk, navigating the language of Generation Z is not as easy as it appears.